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How to Start a Business

An Entrepreneurs Legal Guide

This book is about breaking down barriers for entrepreneurs. It is about clearing obstacles, creating connections, initiating positive change, and promoting opportunities. 

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"Raad is a wonderful guy - growth expert with an eye for product and attention to detail. He's transparent and thoughtful. I'm excited to see where LawTrades goes from here!"

- Billy Draper

"A true pioneer leading a team of sharp individuals ready to take the next step in an industry primed for disruption. I'm excited to watch his journey of building an incredible company."

- Josh Fechter

"Raad is a great entrepreneur - he and his team have great focus and speed. They have 10x-ed revenue for their company LawTrades in < 1.5 years!"

- Elizabeth Yin


// About the author

Raad Ahmed
CEO & Founder of LawTrades

Raad has been named a 2017 Top Writer on Quora with his content reaching over 4 million views and featured on Forbes, Fast Company, Inc, The Huffington Post and more. Prior to LawTrades, he founded a web-app for Facebook that grew to 30 million hits per month while he was a law student. He attended the University at Buffalo Law School where he earned his J.D.